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Creating Hand Engraving

Lost art of Hand-Engraving

Hand engraving, unlike all types of machine engraving, requires self discipline and many years of fine art training.


Numerous skills such as calligraphy, drawing and the use of gravers are necessary to perform the art of hand engraving. Due to the diverse skills needed and experience required to engrave fine jewelry, hand engraving is regarded by many as a lost art.

Despite the emergence of engraving machines, which is the less costly method, it is important to see the advantages hand engraving brings.


Hand Engraving does not limit the customer to the available fonts and stencils that are provided by engraving machines, with hand engraving the customer can let his/her imagination do the work which the engraver can make into a reality.


If it can be drawn it can be hand engraved including the costumer's own handwriting.